Curious about Kurious Tails

Firstly welcome to Kurious Tails, #kurioustails

This is my 1st blog so I thought I would introduce myself and tell you a little bit more about Kurious Tails and the services I offer.

My name is Donna and over the years my family and I have owned and looked after a variety of pets varying from dogs (from rescues to our new addition to the family Albert our Miniature Schnauzer), cats, hamsters, rabbits, chickens, donkeys, horses and a variety of goldfish called Dave and after many years’ working in the City - I knew I wanted to work with my passion so I decided to become a dog walker and set up Kurious Tails Dog Walking & Pet Services. #DOGWALKER #PETSERVICES #TUNBRIDGEWELLS #DOGWALKERTUNBRIDGEWELLS

I understand and appreciate there are days when we can't offer all the walks our dogs need, or there are times when you need someone to come and care for your beloved pets, Every pet has his or her individual needs and requirements, whether it is due to age, health, feeding, exercise and of course the best part their personality. However, basic needs are the same, fresh food and water, mental stimulation and equally as important kindness and empathy.

That is where Kurious Tails is here to help, we are a friendly and reliable dog walking & pet care service dedicated to ensuring each and every pet receives the dedicated time and attention they need. #petsitting #housesitting #housesitter #housesittingtunbridgewells

if you would like to find out how we can help make your life easier during lockdown whether you are working from home, returning to work, looking to take a short break, booked to go away then please get in touch to find out how kurious tails can be of service.

Fully insured, DBS checked, clean driving licence, available for ad hoc, short term, long term bookings. #kurioustails #tunbridgewellsdogwalker #tunbridgewellsdogwalkingservice

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