Puppy Visits

Congratulations on your newest family member…

Bringing a puppy into the family is an extremely exciting time for everyone.  However, with work commitments, children, lock down and day-to-day life being hectic, we can’t always be home to keep our puppies company and whilst there are many gadgets readily available, such as ‘puppy camera’s’ to help monitor your pup whilst you are out, nothing beats some good old fashioned company!

Puppies between 8 and 12 weeks require additional care and attention, as they often need 3 meals a day, they are not toilet trained and most importantly they will seek companionship now that they are away from their mothers.

Getting your puppy into a daily routine is vital at this age and is important for establishing good behaviour in the home.  Puppies this young also need to be taken out to the toilet once an hour whilst you are home and should not be left for more than a maximum of 2 to 3 hours at a time. Accidents are still common at this age and therefore bedding and blankets need to be checked and changed frequently, to ensure your puppy has a dry surface to lie on. 


Puppies can also suffer from separation anxiety when they are really little and whilst it is good for them to be left for short periods of time, so that they can get used to being left. They really should not be alone for more than a couple of hours alone at this stage.

Our friendly and reliable puppy visiting service means that your new family member will be given meals, fresh water, taken out for toilet breaks, enjoy some fresh air in your garden, bedding can be checked and changed where necessary and best of all we provide the cuddles and interaction they require.


At Kurious Tails we can come and visit you in your home and provide a personalised service to suit your puppy’s needs. We will tailor our visits to suit your individual requirements and once your puppy is fully vaccinated we also offer puppy play dates where they can meet, sniff, tumble, roam and run in a secure and safe location.

Prices starting from £13 weekday  £15 weekends